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Affine au Muscadet

Curee Nantais

Curee Nantais

Nantais cheese is also known as 'Cure Nantais'. Its history dates back to French revolution. It is said that a priest from Vendee named 'Cure', who was trying to escape from persecution by the French made this cheese for the first and hence the cheese is named after him. Though Nantais cheese was produced in local farms for many years, it is now produced in number of modern dairies and traditional process of making Nantais is still followed.

Just the Facts

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Pasturized

Cheese Texture: Semi-Soft


Country of Origin: France

Uses & Pairings


If paired with white wine, Gros Plant or Muscadet, Nantais cheese tastes the best.


Nantais is served along with fish dishes, or over pears and apples. It can Also be used as an ingredient for various dishes such as gratins or tarts. Moreover, it can be made a part of a cheese platter.

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