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Cremeux Citeaux

Cremeux Citeaux

One of our most decadent cheeses, Cremeux de Citeaux is a sublime French triple cream cheese, creamy, rich and uber-spreadable. A snowy-white bloomy rind hides a velvety, delicious center that oozes out of its encasing in silky deliciousness.

Similar to the famed Brillat Savarin, Cremeux de Citeaux has a full-bodied cream and milk flavor, with hints of savory mushrooms and a sumptuous texture that feels like thick clotted cream.

The cheese starts in Burgundy, and it finished off in Tours by Rodolphe Le Meunier, one of France’s most acclaimed cheesemakers and affineurs (cheese ager). This gives the cheese a bit of extra time to mature, under the careful watch of Le Meunier, giving it a richer and more complex flavor than other triple creams.

Just the Facts

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Triple cream

Cheese Texture: Soft


Country of Origin: France

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