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Bonito Del Norte in EVOO

Bonito Del Norte in EVOO

Olasagasti's Bonito Del Norte white tuna in olive oil is a tender fish that doesn't taste or smell as fishy as the regular tuna. Characterized by its light flesh and delicate flavor, olive oil adds extra butteriness and flavor to create irresistible seafood that every pantry needs! Bonito Del Norte tuna is considered to be one of the most delicious, protein-rich seafood. The bonito fish are usually caught during the summer months.

The fish is caught in a traditional ecological method, then cleaned, cooked, and packed in just under 24 hours to maintain utmost freshness. In Spain, a country with the highest consumption of canned fish per capita in the world, Bonito white tuna is traditionally packed in olive oil, allowing it to "age" and absorb the olive oil.


Bonito Del Norte (White Tuna), Olive Oil and Salt.

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