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Arroz Marinesca Alla Marinera

Arroz Marinesca Alla Marinera

While making a traditional seafood paella is a fantastic goal to have, sometimes the time and resources are not there to make it happen...and that is OK. Luckily, you still have some options to speed up the process, but maintain incredible quality! 

This "arroz a la marinera" is a deliciously prepared seafood paella rice. Packed with a wonderful variety of seafood straight from Spain--mussels, squid, clams--along with tasty vegetables to compliment the whole dish. This preparation will have you transported right to the coast of Valencia. 

Simply drop the contents of the box into a pan, and fill it with your choice of water or stock. Then, just add the provided rice and let it sit and boil for up to 20 minutes! You'll have a flavorful Spanish rice in front of you in no time. Perfectly rationed for 2 people. 

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