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Laqueuille, Mons Fromager & Affineur

1924 Bleu

1924 Bleu

Do you remember what old school Roquefort tastes like? Of course you don't—it achieved AOC status 95 years ago and has been made in a highly regulated fashion ever since. But before that, Roquefort was often made with mixed milk. And that's what Mons has done with 1924 Blue, a wheel that's made with the milk of both cow and sheep and tastes the way Roquefort traditionally did. What is that taste, exactly? In texture, it's dense and smooth. In flavor, it's sweetened condensed milk and light minerality up front, with a bacony finish that carries a trace of cracked black pepper. This is blue cheese the way it used to be.

Just the Facts

Milk Type: Cow and Sheep

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Cheese Texture: Soft


Country of Origin: France

Uses & Pairings


Perfect to eat in a cheese plate with nice crusty bread or turn into a blue cheese sauce for pasta dishes.


Choose a strong wine that would stand up on its own. Sauternes, Oloroso Sherry or Madeira are great choices. If you prefer beer try an imperial porter or a stout.

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